How To Make Money With Free Web Hosting

Hello Everyone! This topic deviates a little bit from our main series of how to set up your own personal small home based Web Hosting server but I hope that it will be a good read for you all and hopefully you’ll get to learn something new!

So, remember last time I mentioned that people have to “buy” web hosting services from Service Providers? Well not necessarily. Some people or you can say A LOT of people use free web hosting for hosting their websites? What is this “free web hosting” you ask? Well it’s exactly what it sounds! It’s free!
“How then do free Web Hosting provides make their money” should be your next question. And that is exactly what I’ll be telling you today.

Since I’ll be teaching you about setting up a web Hosting server in your home, the first thing that you’ll want is to get some customers to buy and use your service. However, since you’ll be new to the market, people will have trust and reliability issues regarding your service so a great way to attract people to your service would be to provide free web hosting! Yes, you would simply give away hosting space to any and every person who asks for it! (Assuming you have any space left).

Now to answer the main question which is how do you make money with free web hosting so the answer is simple: Advertisements! You will be putting advertisements, banners and pop ups in your customers websites so a good amount of revenue can be generated from that. The next thing which frees web hosting service providers make money from is the fact that free web hosting is extremely limited. A typical free service package includes 100MB of storage, 1-2GB of traffic and no SQL database at the backend. So, any customer who uses your free service and likes it can upgrade to a premium or a paid package which can include more traffic, more storage and even a SQL database for storing all your data. The last thing which free web hosting providers rely on is word of mouth. If you have a satisfied client which recommends your service to two to three other potential clients then that can benefit you a lot in the end. And if that client endorses or recommends your post on a social media platform then that can also be extremely beneficial.

This would obviously require you to make proper bandwidth plans to ensure that you do not offer a lot. If you offer a lot of services for free then people would not edge towards buying. Your goal should be to entire customers about the quality and reliability of your service and make them upgrade to a paid plan and not offer them so much in the free plan that none of them upgrade to a paid plan because the free plan is just so good.

I hope that was a good deviation from the usual topics. Hope to see you again soon. Good bye!